Max and Honey

Please note the adorably placed paw.

After mouth surgery, Max gets a comforting paw. They needed to pull 11 teeth! The patient is doing fine thanks to great care by his nurse, Honey.

After thinking they were pulling two teeth, I got the call from the vet. Eleven-thirteen needed to come out. We adopted Max in December. The previous owners were moving out-of-town. My only thought at the time of the call was, what were they feeding this dog? Candy? I later found out that these small breeds are prone to tooth problems. I told the vet to go ahead, what was I going to do at that point, say no? Poor little thing,  he was already under anesthesia. After I got off the phone, I put away the vacation brochures.


About Diane Hiller

Diane has lived in the suburbs of Chicago for twenty-five years. While raising her three children with husband Jon, she has served as village president and now supports historic preservation with the Clarendon Hills Historical Society. Diane’s blog “Pleasant Valley Sunday” appears on and
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