Project Runway and Halloween

I Love watching Project Runway. I am sad this season is over. For those of you ( all two) who have never seen Project Runway,  it is a reality show where up and coming designers compete every week with designing challenges by Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and usually a guest judge. They then judge, sometimes harshly,  their creations and pick a winner of the challenge. The worst designer judged is ‘out’. With sweet fatherly Tim Gunn to mop up the tears. Leading up to the finale where the winner wins a lot of money and exposure for their designs. The finale was this week and please allow me this indulgence,  Mondo was robbed!  I loved his sense of color, pattern and humor in his design. His mix of patterns and color was playful yet tasteful.  His designs made me smile.  They were far superior than any others. What happened? Nina Garcia and Michael Kors (fashion editor and designer) liked the other finalist Gretchen. But Heidi Klum and Jessica Simpson who would actually wear the designs preferred Mondo. Nina liked his too and wanted a tie. Going into the commercial it was mostly three to one. The outcome? Gretchen won? Huh?

Happy Halloween

Now that my kids are older we haven’t done anything for  Halloween for years. But, this year my youngest said “If we are leaving this house soon then this is our last Halloween here and I want to really decorate this year.”  I agreed and so we went out and bought bloody handprints and tombstones and spider webs. And then it started to take on a life of itself. My son’s girlfriend asked if we could carve pumpkins Saturday night, my niece asked if we would go to a pumpkin farm with her and her little ones, I suggested a pumpkin carving contest and my oldest painted all of our faces. So, last night the contest was on and everyone stepped up their game. Caramel apples mixed with pumpkin seeds and guts and the Monster Mash and Ghostbusters music. I surprised myself by being able to carve an intricate design of a raven  on a tree branch with the full moon behind him. My oldest carved a Ghostbusters logo  and my son and his girlfriend, who took forever ( we should have had a time limit) carved Mario from Super Mario Brothers Video game.

I lit them all on the front porch last night and they looked awesome! I suggested we have our neighbor judge today, the winner.

I went to bed dreaming of victory. Mine was clearly the best,  I spent the day at work and at the grocery store in line buying candy after candy ( we kept running out ) When I got home my neighbor was just leaving our house. I entered ready to accept my prize when my daughter said, “He liked Mario the best” What!? Mine was truly superior. Everyone, including my son thought mine was the best, what happened?  I went outside to look at the three pumpkins again. As I approached the front porch, I gasped. Where my beautiful raven had been perched on a delicate branch was a gaping hole! Someone had sabotaged my pumpkin! I worked so hard at that and now it was destroyed! Horrors!

After a glass of wine and retrospection I recovered my composure. Not wanting to let on that it meant so much to me, when asked later by my daughter what had happened I just replied non-chalantly “Oh, I don’t know I guess it became a squirrels lunch.” I pictured the furry vermin running away with my gloriously sculpted raven in its squirrelly teeth. ‘No more peanuts for him’ I muttered under my breath.

By late afternoon we were starting to get into the Halloween music and trick or treaters. My daughters were transformed into a zombie and vampire.  My daughter, the film major,  put skeleton make-up on me and since I was dressed in a business blazer and slacks and due to my former board position, became a ‘Dead President’. Their Dad became Beetlejuice  and our son,  the musician, who definitely listened to music too loud had fake blood dripping from his ears.

And so it was, the last Halloween in this house. We all knew it,  but didn’t say a word.  Me and my youngest danced and laughed, putting on the make-up and costumery made us feel light hearted and happy.  Dressing up and pretending to be someone else. Project Runway and Halloween.

But, I’m still upset about my pumpkin contest loss. Was it really a squirrel? You know those last two trick or treaters I saw leaving with my neighbor  ( the judge) looked a lot like Nina Garcia and Michael Kors….. Mondo, we were robbed!

After all it’s just another…….


About Diane Hiller

Diane has lived in the suburbs of Chicago for twenty-five years. While raising her three children with husband Jon, she has served as village president and now supports historic preservation with the Clarendon Hills Historical Society. Diane’s blog “Pleasant Valley Sunday” appears on and
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2 Responses to Project Runway and Halloween

  1. Steve says:

    Gee, the part about the *yawn* fashion show was *yawn* really *yawn* fascinating! I kept *yawn* wondering what came *yawn* next! zzzzzzzzz…..

    Oh! Sorry, must have drifted off there. Where was I? Halloween! It sounds like a good time was had by all, perhaps more special because it was the last. We had one of those here last year when, well, I wasn’t expected to be here for the next. I don’t know about the others but it was very special to me and I’ll always remember it. That is, if somebody fills me in. Unfortunately my memory of that time is a bit muddled. Bits and peices.

    But this year! I’m here and not planning to leave soon though we should be out of our home before the next. That doesn’t matter, it’s the people that count. Being together, that’s so damn precious!

    • Miss Erma says:

      Yes I knew it would have limited appeal. Especially to those who have never seen the show. After reviewing my week I couldn’t help but see the ironic parallel between Project Runway and Halloween.
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